Monday, August 22, 2011

Journey with me.....

Hey guys!
  So I'm going to begin to post a little more on here. I've just started working again and have put myself on a challenge, no spending money on clothes,shoes, accessories for two months! I am a self-diagnosed shopoholic haha. I'm really going to try to set my finances in order this year ( no, its not a little too late) :). Anyway journey on with me. I'll be posting some of my outfits on here to remind of how i wear them and well to see how i can remix them. Most of what i wear to work, i can also wear out and to church so let's see how this goes. To begin here is a picture of me from a birthday dinner a few weeks. If you're wondering what i'm wearing it's a  one shouldered-black Susie Rose for Walmart dress with a Sea-Green Forever21 Necklace.